Client Comments

“Beth entered my life at a time when I was not paying attention to my eating or overall health. I knew I needed someone who would gently, persistently push me towards better choices. Beth is very energetic and knowledgeable which has helped me as I struggle with improving my choices.

Whenever I meet with Beth, she focuses on me, and only me. During our appointments, my health and well being are the most important concerns to Beth. It’s as though the world melts away. The focused attention makes me feel wonderful. It also works as a motivator as I am much more aware when I make decisions that don’t follow through on her better recommendations.

Another piece of magic of Beth’s: I feel as though the information, data, and suggestions have been tailored specifically to my personality and needs, even if the information and data shared may be similarly given to other clients. But I forget that fact while we’re meeting. How does she do it?

Hire Beth as your nutrition, health and wellness coach. You will not regret the investment in time and money!”
Jean Carew

I’m doing really well with my health at college and I have you to thank for that! Unfortunately, I have to have the school meal plan as a freshman, but I’ve been making a lot better choices based on everything you’ve taught me. And if nothing else, I always have that breakfast shake in the morning and a small bag of nuts to snack on instead of the junk food that’s everywhere. 🙂

Thank you!
Michelle Deaux
Drexel University

“I wanted to thank you once again for all your help, imparting wisdom and support in counseling me with my current state of health. Your wealth of knowledge in nutrition and personal insight has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. Since working with you I am not only making healthier choices for myself but for them as well and reaping the rewards.

As you know my son has an Autism diagnosis where we have been treating him through a specialist. Although this specialist has a long protocol for added supplements my husband and I have chosen to focus primarily on increasing whole foods as learned from you and have seen much improvement in his behaviors and development in learning. Others have mentioned how amazed they are with my son, as well as to find that we are relying on whole foods in his diet with these remarkable results.

I would encourage anyone whose child has behavior challenges that it is well worth the effort of learning about whole foods and how to incorporate them as a lifestyle. Thank you so much for your nutritional counseling service. I look forward to continuing the journey together for more progress in better health.”

Wendy Gripp
Mom of special needs son

“Your nutritional seminar was outstanding! Thank you. I look forward to more…”
Kris W. Field, CCP – Director of Human Resources
Cobham Sensor Systems

“Beth is amazing at explaining the effects of different foods. I loved that we began with adding new foods to reduce the anxiety, stress and exhaustion that I felt… Throughout the 6 month program I discovered that I wanted the good foods instead of the previous unhealthy “default” foods. Beth gave me great healthy alternatives for the things I craved… I love making informed choices for what I eat and I feel in control of my health!”
Nancy, Family in Transition

“Beth is fun and personable to work with; she has motivated me to prioritize what is healthy for “me” as I choose daily what goes into “my” body… my pantry has a whole new look! The knowledge and encouragement I have received from Beth is immeasurable and I have the peace of knowing I am doing something good for me and for my family!”
Margie, Bookkeeper

“Your tremendous wisdom is one-of-a-kind, not to mention you are so encouraging to me… through your nutritional assistance I have felt a peace and satiable rest in my body that I haven’t felt for a long time. Learning to cook and eat healthier has helped me to influence my son’s food choices; I have a calmer, more normal child! Thank you!”
Wendy, Autism Awareness

“Since the start of this program, I have been feeling better and better gradually. The past few weeks have been the best so far, as I am less tired and finding more energy even when tasks are demanding. I am tasting food differently and find that aside from the occasional chocolate craving, the foods I am hungry for most are whole foods! I really like miso and can’t believe I haven’t had it before now… I feel more enlightened with regard to the food I am eating. Thank you for all of the information and support you’ve shared!”
Pam, Administrative Assistant

“I have found an amazing woman! Your energy is so positive and it brings me hope… thank you for everything you have done for us.”
Wendi, Sales Rep / Cengage