The COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold with greater impact on each one of us regarding safeguards to slow this respiratory illness and its impact. By now you likely have read a number of articles and heard the recommended health practices to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible. The CDC encourages you to please, wash your hands, cover any cough, avoid touching your face, avoid close contact with others (social distancing), call your doctor with symptoms that include: fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

As many of my clients are immune compromised due to various medical treatments I will only be seeing clients by phone or video conferencing beginning Monday March 16 through April 30. Appointments will be scheduled by phone or video conferencing only. The video conferencing tool used for my practice is Zoom. If you are already scheduled to see me, information for your appointment will be sent as a calendar invitation prior to your next appointment. If you do not get that email please call or text me.

To connect with Zoom, download the free version to your computer &/or add the free Zoom app to your smart phone. Your calendar invitation will include my personal Zoom ID number  that you will click to connect automatically, or you can manually enter my personal Zoom ID number into the “Join” screen when you open Zoom at your scheduled appointment time.

This is an unsettling time for many. When a serious or complicating illness is part of your life experience, isolation no matter how great or small can be difficult. Support is necessary emotionally as well as nutritionally. Find ways to connect with others to avoid a negative health impact during this social distancing time. Make a phone call to a friend, send notes in the mail, give a text to invite friends to call or video chat, please don’t rely on social media to fill the void of actual conversation with someone else, enjoy the added time with those in your household by creating activities that include some outdoor time daily to walk or play, engage in a game or yard sport to keep active, try new recipes or begin project that has needed you home to work on, or so many other ideas beginning to surface as we talk and relate more to others from home. Emotional wellness absolutely matters in these uncertain days.

Let’s keep talking and I will continue to provide you with strong support nutritionally and holistically so this quieter time of interaction can add even greater healing, strength and hope to your health journey while waiting for life to return to normal.